When Parents Fail

Earlier today at the office I overheard two of my students talking about another girl, a friend of theirs, who had gone missing for a few days. At first, I didn’t pay them much heed as I had lots to do on my table. Besides, that was not the first time we were having issues of girls running away from their aunt’s or uncle’s house, which is mostly due to maltreatment. These supposed guardians go to the village to pick these young innocent girls, promising their parents that they would give them a better life, only to be used as slaves and workhorses in the city. So I assumed this was one of such cases and was doubly shocked when the first girl told me the missing girl was living with her parents. Continue reading

The Boy That Never Came Back


It was very faint and almost unreal at first, like the calling of one’s name in the throng of very deep sleep. Then slowly, like the siren of an approaching car, the noise grew in intensity, and then it hit him, hard, like a punch from a mad boxer. The screams of pain and anguish from hurting people tore at his eardrum. Wale opened his eyes to find people battling and kicking madly like they had all gone insane. He was dazed, confused, he couldn’t seem to fathom what was going on. Then a man ran wildly down the aisle of the bus, passing Wale, he was beating crazily at his head and trying to tear off his shirt, all at the same time. Wale was shocked; the man was on fire! The burning man threw himself through the window, shattering what remained of the windshield of the bus. Wale felt a warm thick liquid stream down his forehead threatening to obscure his right vision. Using the back of his left palm, he wiped at the intruding liquid, it was blood, deep red and sticky, and with that knowledge came a searing pain. The pain gave way to a frightening realization, crawling at first, but then he remembered, very clearly what had happened. Continue reading

The Twist (1)

Chapter One

Let us take a walk through time

It was yet midday but the sun was already high up in the sky, blazing with hot intensity. This was that time of day when the hustles and bustles of the city life became a pretty tight affair. Everyone was in a state of continuous movement, pushing and brushing pass every other person, not bothering to look back to see if they had accidentally stepped on anyone, all in a bid to make a living. There was so much noise, but it seemed the people had grown immune to it; they had properly adapted to such lifestyle for none of them seem to mind the noise produced from the different and many quarters. From as little as the noise by the hawker calling attention to his wares to that emanating from the blares of commuter buses and roadside video and audio vendors, all coming together to produce one great vocal catastrophe. At this very same time, in a place not too far away, stood a world that was in total contrast to this perfect commotion. It stood in so much contrast one would doubt they both coexisted in the same natural habitat. Continue reading

Murder in Green Houses (1)

Chapter One        10th May 1987

The red and blue lights of the ambulance parked nearby flashed on; rolls of yellow police tapes stretched across an area marking off a perimeter. The crime scene investigation team worked tentatively within the cordoned off area trying to take note, or bag and tag something-anything that could give them a clue as to how to proceed with the investigation and ultimately solving the crime.

Police Chief Harold stood some inches away from the body, with hands akimbo; he stared down at the body of the little girl, scarcely believing what his eyes were seeing, hardly believing she was actually lying there on the dark tar, cold dead. The blood that streamed from the side of her head was in sharp contrast to the ground on which she laid. Continue reading

The Art of Bluff

Most people are more ignorant than you think. They only claim to know what they know and most of the time they get away with it. The bluffs of the world are usually the most successful, this is due to their charisma and bravado which, although maybe false, captures our fantasy and impresses us. We, humans, are naturally attracted to people who appear confident and comfortable with themselves. They hold our attention and we worship and idolize them. That is the idea behind politics and mentorship. Continue reading

A Failing Investment Strategy

A few months ago a friend of mine told me of her predicament; she was thinking of dropping out of school so her little daughter could go to school. I advised her sternly against it. We sat down and talked for a few hours and in the end we were able to devise a more suitable solution. My friend has finished her studies now and her daughter, similarly, is doing very well. Continue reading

Christianity and Divorce

I came back from church yesterday feeling very irked. That shouldn’t be so, church should be a place of upliftment, where you go and comeback refreshed and reborn by the hearing of the Word and fellowship with brethren. But this was not the case. You see, I am allergic to spirituality that borders on captivity, and I get really pissed when I listen to some ‘spiritual people’ talk.

Okay, what really transpired. Continue reading

Grace and Braids

A few weeks back I was at a friend’s place. I sat on a low stool while I watched her braid the hair of a little girl of about five years. What was left of the hair was just a small portion at the back when the wind picked up, slowly at first, but with time it gained speed. The sky that was once blue and beautiful had rapidly turned grey and frightening, all in a twinkle of an eye. The air around us felt cool and moist; a clear sign that a heavy downpour was underway. Continue reading

For This I Have Jesus

As I walked down that dark street, on my way home, my heart tore within me, I could feel tears sting behind my eyes, forcing its way out. We had done it, yet again, despite how much precaution we had planned to put in place, despite our careful scheming and our mortal determination, here we were again; fornicators! I hated myself, I wanted to scream out my frustration, I wanted to jump in front of a bus. But then I remembered that verse in the Bible, that told me God sees my heart and understand my pain and frustration and struggles.  (1 Samuel 16:7)

Wiping away my tears, I quietly said, “For this I have Jesus” Continue reading

An Unfortunate Situation

A few days ago one of the keyboardists in my church told me of young man who had brought an invitation letter to the church. The young man wanted my church choir to come minister in his church during one of their programs. Our keyboardist told me he categorically told the young man no.

I asked him why and he said, “Don’t you know that church? The one that the head pastor bathe the female worshippers out in the open once every month!”

I was shocked beyond words. Continue reading

The Need For Revelation 2

Olamide is my sweet and wonderful nephew’s name. He is such a charming boy, quick to smile and has this likable spirit about him. Olamide is to start school in September so his mum, in preparation, has bought his new shoes, books, and all else you can imagine. But since August summer lessons are going on, and his elder sister usually goes to lesson, the mum thought it would be okay if Olamide goes, too. Continue reading

The Need for Revelation

A few weeks ago, I was short on cash so I decided to take a stroll to the nearby ATM to make a withdrawal. The ATM is the only one in our neighborhood and is quite unreliable; hardly would you find two of the four machines dispensing cash at a time. When I got there, machine 1 and 2 were not dispensing, only 3 had cash in it. I didn’t bother to try out the fourth machine; I felt there was no point. Continue reading