A Failing Investment Strategy

A few months ago a friend of mine told me of her predicament; she was thinking of dropping out of school so her little daughter could go to school. I advised her sternly against it. We sat down and talked for a few hours and in the end we were able to devise a more suitable solution. My friend has finished her studies now and her daughter, similarly, is doing very well. Continue reading

Christianity and Divorce

I came back from church yesterday feeling very irked. That shouldn’t be so, church should be a place of upliftment, where you go and comeback refreshed and reborn by the hearing of the Word and fellowship with brethren. But this was not the case. You see, I am allergic to spirituality that borders on captivity, and I get really pissed when I listen to some ‘spiritual people’ talk.

Okay, what really transpired. Continue reading

Grace and Braids

A few weeks back I was at a friend’s place. I sat on a low stool while I watched her braid the hair of a little girl of about five years. What was left of the hair was just a small portion at the back when the wind picked up, slowly at first, but with time it gained speed. The sky that was once blue and beautiful had rapidly turned grey and frightening, all in a twinkle of an eye. The air around us felt cool and moist; a clear sign that a heavy downpour was underway. Continue reading

For This I Have Jesus

As I walked down that dark street, on my way home, my heart tore within me, I could feel tears sting behind my eyes, forcing its way out. We had done it, yet again, despite how much precaution we had planned to put in place, despite our careful scheming and our mortal determination, here we were again; fornicators! I hated myself, I wanted to scream out my frustration, I wanted to jump in front of a bus. But then I remembered that verse in the Bible, that told me God sees my heart and understand my pain and frustration and struggles.  (1 Samuel 16:7)

Wiping away my tears, I quietly said, “For this I have Jesus” Continue reading

An Unfortunate Situation

A few days ago one of the keyboardists in my church told me of young man who had brought an invitation letter to the church. The young man wanted my church choir to come minister in his church during one of their programs. Our keyboardist told me he categorically told the young man no.

I asked him why and he said, “Don’t you know that church? The one that the head pastor bathe the female worshippers out in the open once every month!”

I was shocked beyond words. Continue reading

The Need For Revelation 2

Olamide is my sweet and wonderful nephew’s name. He is such a charming boy, quick to smile and has this likable spirit about him. Olamide is to start school in September so his mum, in preparation, has bought his new shoes, books, and all else you can imagine. But since August summer lessons are going on, and his elder sister usually goes to lesson, the mum thought it would be okay if Olamide goes, too. Continue reading

The Need for Revelation

A few weeks ago, I was short on cash so I decided to take a stroll to the nearby ATM to make a withdrawal. The ATM is the only one in our neighborhood and is quite unreliable; hardly would you find two of the four machines dispensing cash at a time. When I got there, machine 1 and 2 were not dispensing, only 3 had cash in it. I didn’t bother to try out the fourth machine; I felt there was no point. Continue reading

Grateful Heart

So I opened my wardrobe that morning, in search of what to wear. I skimmed through its length and breadth but ended up disappointed and frustrated. The shirts I love to wear were faded from too much use, while the ones I didn’t like… well, I didn’t like them. So I was essentially without what to wear.

But then I remembered there were people who really needed something to wear- anything to wear, but didn’t have, Continue reading

False Christmas

Exactly a year ago, on Christmas day, I was hanging outside our apartment enjoying the beautiful evening weather while watching two men play a game of Ludo. The men were discussing excitedly about Christmas, and how much they had eaten. They were reeling off names of people in the neighborhood who had given them food, analyzing each family based on the number of meat that was on their Christmas rice and how tasteful or otherwise the entire food was. I was having a good laugh listening to them. Continue reading

Love’s Deception

Some weeks ago, I listened as a young man recounted his experience with his girlfriend. Actually, that was not the first time I was privy to their drama, I have been following them for quite some time. After listening to all he had to say, the first thought that struck me was, ‘if love was all it took for a relationship to work, then, perhaps this two stood a fair chance’ Continue reading

Remembering Mandela: All his quotes

This is not really what I do on this blog but I couldn’t help but notice how the world stood still with the passing of the great anti-apartheid icon, Nelson Madiba Mandela. The praise of him resonated from every corner of the earth, from Africa to Europe, from the Americas to Asia; every nation had something good to say about this remarkable man. His influence, like a mighty plague, has spread all across the globe, and has influenced lives in the most extraordinary of ways. Continue reading

When men become gods

When she recounted her ordeal to me over the phone I was left completely confused, my first thought was; how will I tell this to the rest of the family? Her voice was shivering over the line; it was obvious that she was close to tears. I gathered what little courage I had within me, walked into the living room and told them what my aunt had said over the phone. Their reaction was very much expected; they were stunned. Continue reading